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    Walnut Wood Tablet Stand

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    Walnut Wood Tablet Stand

    True to our intentions, these black walnut wood stands are contemporary and remarkably simple. The products don’t shout, 'look at me,' but rather calmly hint craftsmanship through their sleek lines, seductively understated appearance, and noticeable quality of the materials.


    • depth 11.9cm
    • length 15cm
    • height 16.5cm
    • weight 150g


    Hand crafted from our exotic stock of imported black walnut

    Layered pieces created to form this stunning and contemporary shape

    Hand sanded and carved for strength and longevity

    Holds any flat matter no thicker than 3cm and no higher than 30cm

    Includes self adhesive 3M rubber feet for stability and non slip use

    Each holder is unique in it's own right since they are all hand carved

    Drop your tablet or book  in and out for quick access and easy visibility